HADY Guiding Services

Climbing Mount Cameroon is a serious challenge. HADY guides and porters are professionally trained to provide for your safety during your hike. This is our first job. It is also our pleasure to encourage you on your trek while sharing our knowledge of Mt Cameroon, Buea, and the other communities around the mountain. Our guides and porters are available to help you identify the plants and animals you see. We have tours that range from 1/2 day to 5 days. We are also able to customize tours for you.
                                            Weather and Seasons.
Generally you can trust modern weather forecasting.  Meteorologists are using historical information as well as satellites, balloons with special instrumentation, and reporting stations all over the world to give us the best up to the minute weather information.  At the bottom of the page are two links to Buea weather information.  Keep in mind that even if it says we have a thunderstorm, while true at some point in the day, it is quite possible we also have sunshine.  It is important to read about our seasons in the next section.

Weather in the Mt Cameroon Region
We have four different types of seasons in the Mt Cameroon region.  Keep in mind these are general "seasons" and are subject to variation from year to year.  I am listing these to coincide with the trekking season.

Season 1:  Generally October and November
During this time we have heavy rains and storms.  When we have heavy rain for two to three days the other coming days are really good.  You can have a nice view of the mountain.  As a rule of thumb, the further in time from the rainy season the drier the weather gets.

Season 2:  December through mid-March
We call this the dry season.  During the dry season, we are sure of very nice weather throughout the whole season.  We have been known to have one or two short storms (not more than an hour or two) for the whole season.  During the day the sun is not really too hot because the clouds move from east to west covering the whole mountain like waves in the sea.  The good views of the mountain start sometime after 9 am to about 1 pm.  The cycle of clouds and clearing occur regularly granting good views of the landscape.

Season 3:  mid-March through June
At the end of the dry season the rains return.  To begin with the storms are not frequent and the weather is good between storms.  But as the season progresses the storms become more frequent.   As from June we have rains that last for two to three hours and after that we have a good sun.

Season 4:  July through September
This is what we call the rainy season.  During this time we have serious rainfall and in between those days we have - at best - two to three days with mild sunshine.  During the month of July we can have rain continuously for a week at a time.  August comes with rains throughout the month.  Sometimes you can be lucky enough to have one or two nice days in August.  September we have rain with heavy winds, sunshine usually follows these September storms.

The Mountain Zone Weather
The mountain zone has different weather in general and its different from that in the forest.  For your safety and enjoyment HADY Guides are trained to recognize weather patterns on the mountain.  For example when the wind blows form east to west then we will experience good weather and there will be no rain.  If the wind is not blowing we expect rain will be coming and recommend staying inside the huts or in a safe place where the rain will not drench you.  Even if there is sunshine during these times of still air, we recommend staying in a safe place.

While planning your trip keep in mind the seasonal changes.  HADY Guiding Services cannot guarantee a rain free trip but we will do help you have a very memorable experience.

HADY guides and porters are professionally trained to provide for your safety.  This is our first job.  It is also our pleasure to encourage you on your trek while sharing our knowledge of Mt Cameroon and the communities around the mountain.  Our guides and porters are available to help you identify the plants and animals you see.

About our Tours: 
Our tours are rated for an average person on a four level scale:  Easy; Moderate; Difficult; and Extreme.

1 day city tour:  EASY
German graves, Upper Farms waterfall, University of Buea (currently the only English language university in Cameroon), the old German buildings, Bismark fountain, you get to see and experience Buea, meet and greet with volunteers from around the world working with the many community based and non-governmental organizations.

1/2 day rainforest tour (to Hut 1).  This hike goes up through the rainforest to Hut 1 on the Guinness track.  (4.4 km or 2.7 miles each way).  MODERATE

2 day Summit tour through the Guinness track (up and back on the same track).  On the first day you will make Hut 2 (7.3 km or 4.5 miles).  The next morning you will attempt the summit (about 11.7 km or 7.2 miles from the trailhead), returning to Hut 2 to collect your things and head back down to Buea.  EXTREME

3 day Summit tour partial-loop: through the Guinness track to the summit around the mountain (seeing craters and lava flows) down to a village called Bokwango.  You will camp at Hut 2 on your first night.  The summit attempt will be the next morning.  From there you will head down to Camp 2 at Mann Springs (about 12.1 km or 7.5 miles from the summit).  Leaving early on day three you will hike through lava flows to the rainforest until you reach Bokwango (about 14 km or 8.7 miles).  DIFFICULT

4 day tour through the savannah to the summit through the craters to a village called Bakingili.  DIFFICULT

5 day tour through the rainforest up the Guinness track to the summit down to the craters.  This tour drops down the north side of the mountain giving trekkers the opportunity to see Elephants and other wildlife.  The tour concludes near Seme Beach just up the coast from Limbe. Total trip length about 50 km or 31 miles. DIFFICULT

Custom tours:  Please email us with your questions and ideas so we can help you create your own custom tour.
                                                           What to Bring
We want you to have a safe and enjoyable trip both on and off Mount Cameroon or whichever tour you choose.  Below are some of the essentials we think you should plan on bringing with you.

1. First Aid Kit
2. Good hiking shoes
3. Sleeping bag (can be rented)
4. Sleeping pad (can be rented)
5. Tent (can be rented)
6. Torch/headlamp
7. Clothes: dress in layers.  Be prepared for warm and humid as well as cold and windy conditions
8. Rain Jacket
9. Backpack (for your porter to carry)
10. Day pack (for you to carry)
11. Toilet paper
12. Towel
13. Snacks (GORP, biscuits, cookies, cheese, gum… what you like to eat "on the trail")
14. Music (iPod or other MP3 player)
15. Camera
16. Hat/Cap (sun, wind, cold protection)
17. Sun-glasses
18. Insect spray
19. GPS devices for tracking your route
20. Water (eight 1.5 liter bottle will get you around the entire hike.  If you want to take less there are two places to top up on the trail: Hut 1 and Mann Springs)
21. Food (we can arrange or you can bring)

Post any of your questions as a comment and one of our guides or porters will be happy to address them.
As you plan your trip please keep in mind our prices.  Please contact us when planning your trip.

Prices in XAF (F CFA)
8,000 Guide / day
7,000 Porter / day
5,000 Permit / person / day
2,000 Food / person / day (approximately)

Rental options:
2,500 / night Sleeping bag
1,000 / night Sleeping pad
5,000 / night Tent

Food includes
2 Breakfasts:  Tea, bread, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, avocado, mayonnaise, chocolate spread, butter or margarine.
2 Dinners:  Rice and stew or pasta and sauce, and Dodo (fried ripe plantains).  Optional:  Garri with egusi or ground-nut soup

Most people choose a three day trek of Mt Cameroon.  We recommend 1 porter per person + 1 and we are required to provide 1 guide for every five people.  Thus six people will require two guides.

A three day trip for four would price this way:
1 guide @ 8,000 / day * 3 days = 24,000
5 porters @ 7,000 / day * 3 days = 105,000
4 permits (on one document) / day * 3 days = 60,000
18,800 flat rate for four people on a 3-day trip.

Total:  207,800 / 4 = 51,950 per person (plus any rentals)

We are happy to explore your options and budget so you can fully enjoy your time in Buea and on Mt Cameroon